Bags come in all shapes and sizes, from sports duffel bags to weekender luggage to cute clutches. But no matter what you’re packing or how far you’re going, a good backpack is a must-have for every traveler. And just as different destinations have different weather patterns, the different types of bags have distinctive materials and styles. Whether you’re traveling to the beach or the mountains, what load you choose can be affected by weather conditions, which range from hot, humid tropical climates to bone-chilling mountain climb.

Every good bag needs a luggage tag, a waterproof seal, and a light. One of the most satisfying accessories you can pack in your bag is a portable charger for your electronic devices. Anything from a laptop or tablet to a phone or camera, if you want to make sure that the battery never dies at the wrong time, remember to pack one of these power banks.

What Is a Gym Bag?

A gym bag is a duffel bag that has been specifically designed for frequent use at the gym. In some cases, these bags are made from sturdy nylon and have extra pockets for protein powder, supplements, and extra pairs of clothes. In others, the bag is made from a different material such as polyester rip-stop or canvas and can also possibly be specially made for heavy workouts. Some gym bag brands are under armor, Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. The bag is also well ventilated.

What Is a Duffle Bag?

A duffle bag is a type of briefcase. It is usually constructed from leather, canvas, or nylon. The bag is more extensive than travel or gym bags and designed to carry clothing or other accessories that do not require packing. They are both large duffel and small duffel. They are often the same size as a wheeled garment bag but can also be three times larger than their wheel-mounted brethren.

In most cases, there is a zipper on the top, making it easy to access what’s inside. The bag has various wheeled models, travel duffel bags, leather duffel bags, rolling duffel bags, etc. One can also fit smaller bags like Tote bags inside it.


The GYM bag is your best bet when looking for the perfect travel bag for a boxing class. For one thing, it’ll still be stylish and sporty no matter what kind of carry you’re using. But with its shoulder strap, exterior pockets, and interior storage, the GYM bag has enough space to hold your extra workout gear like protein bars, protein shakes, towels and hats. And the fact that it’s water-resistant means that even if there is an unexpected shower on your way back home, neither you nor your sports gear will be injured. The best part about the GYM bag is that, as its name suggests, it’s ultra-light (lightweight for carrying your gym bag). It only weighs two pounds! For the serious athlete, nothing beats traveling in style. 

In others, the bag is made from a different material such as polyester rip-stop or canvas and can also possibly be specially made for heavy workouts. These bags can withstand any weather.

One size fits all—the classic choice for beach vacations. If you’re traveling over water (to the beach, say), the duffel bag will be perfect. And since you’re traveling in warm weather (or even the cold, if you’re heading to Alaska!), its waterproofing capabilities will save your clothes from the elements. And, like other bags, it doubles as a shoulder bag when you need more space (such as when carrying your gym bag). The best part about the duffel bag is that it has enough room for all of your everyday essentials without taking up too much space in your suitcase. You can even use it as a purse or clutch when you’re not traveling. If you’re looking for a bag that fits all, you just found your new favorite. Unlike the GYM bag, a duffel bag is a bit more traditional—it’s a rugged bag. However, to call this “old school” would be an understatement because it has been around for nearly two centuries. The first duffel bag came from Scotland to the United States. A standard duffel is made of sturdy nylon with reinforced stitching. It’s the perfect choice if you’re traveling through rainy climates or climates where snow can fall on you unexpectedly. The duffel bag is a travel bag that has been used for centuries. The history of the duffel bag dates back to the 1800s, where it was initially developed as military luggage. With its ample open space, one used the duffel bag to carry everything from blankets to clothes. Over time, however, the duffel bag has not only changed in function but also in style. It can also be used as a Travel backpack.

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A bag can make or break your traveling experience—and not just because of its shoulder straps. People choose this baggage mainly on how they will use them, ranging from the beach to the mountains. And now that you know what they are why not try both? It’s like having two bags in one. You’ll be able to transform one bag into another bag—just like you can change your style.