A duffel bag is a suitable medium for traveling as they are solid and roomy. Luggage is usually stowed in the hold of a plane under seats or in overhead bins. But travelers need to make sure they do not put locks on the handles as this could lead to others’ accidental opening of their luggage. Locks can be placed on zippers and straps instead. Who would’ve thought that a duffel bag could be so intimidating? If you’re packing for your first day of hiking or camping or are planning to go traveling. Then there are several ways to make sure that your bags are secure. Follow the tips below to ensure that you’re not setting yourself up for theft on your next excursion.

Tips for Securing Duffle Bags Zippers

Duffle bags are not hard to secure, but they must do a few things before heading out. 

Make Sure There is a Lock-On Your Zipper

For a duffel bag to be locked, there needs to be a lock on the handle or zipper of the bag. Since you can not place these locks on a duffel bag, it is recommended that a lock is placed on the handles or zippers of bags with locks already placed. You can also use a break-away feature for people with back problems as their hands may slip from being locked into an open position during travel. Besides, if you don’t want to use a lock, make sure the zippers are firmly closed.

Use a Shackle Lock on Your Duffel Bag Shoulder Strap

Shackle locks look like padlocks with a clamp that attaches to the handles of a duffel bag in place of a loop. You can still carry over the bag one shoulder during travel, and the lock provides added security is in place. If this is not an option or you prefer not to use one. Then try wrapping your straps around your luggage handle and lock it onto the luggage rack.

Use Luggage Lockers

There are many public places where you can lock up luggage. If you don’t have a safe place to store your bags, lockers are available at most airports, train stations, and shopping centers. You can also rent a locker daily on a per-dollars basis on the Internet.

Choose a Safe Public Place to Leave Your Duffel Bag

It would help if you used public places such as bus and train stations or shopping centers to leave your bag instead of a hotel lobby. You can also use a housekeeping closet or a security locker in a hotel, but many hotels charge for the service.

Do Not Tell Where You Are Stowing Your Bag

Some people would instead not risk being asked where their bags are located when they arrive somewhere. Besides, if you don’t have anyone who can watch your bag, it is recommended that you don’t tell people too much about its location.

Avoid Leaving Valuables in Plain View

If you decide to travel with valuable items such as electronic devices, cameras, and jewelry, they should be packed in a separate bag that others cannot open.

Check Your Duffel Bag Before Traveling Again

Before leaving your bag at the airport, train station, or another public area, take one final look around to make sure there is nothing dangerous or suspicious on the outside of your bag if you see anything suspicious on it while traveling and can’t get away from it. Alert someone immediately and request a new place to store your bags while waiting to remove the suspicious article. 

Why Should You Keep Your Luggage Locked?

Luggage theft is a growing problem globally, including in the United States, where people are being robbed of their belongings without them even knowing it. With airline travel being so popular, people are more likely to be chosen as victims of theft. To avoid being a victim of this crime, follow these tips on keeping your luggage safe.

Luggage is at the top of the list of items people are most likely to lose on an airplane. As soon as someone boards the plane, they begin looking around for their luggage. It is often one of the first things they will see when they step off the plane. If you follow some essential rules, you will avoid becoming a victim of this crime. This article will show you how to keep your luggage safe. Luggage Theft Prevention is just as vital as security at airports, train stations, and other public places where people travel with bags or purses. Luggage theft is the fastest-growing category of theft in airports, according to an FBI report. Other passengers commit most thefts. An estimated 100 million travelers are victimized each year.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, thieves target bags that quickly move or look like you can easily move them. Bags with built-in locks are especially vulnerable because they can still be opened even when they are locked. A search on the Internet will reveal all sorts of lock designs, and there is no way to know which one might work until you use it. So be careful when searching for such locks.

What Makes Duffle Bags Important?

If you’re a frequent traveler, you know that duffel bags are convenient. These bags are lighter than suitcases and easier to handle, and more comfortable on your back than a regular backpack. Suppose you’ve never used a duffle bag before. There is no need to worry because they come in several different styles and formats, so you can be sure to find one that suits your needs. Despite their many benefits, duffle bags can fail if they aren’t correctly taken care of. Duffel bags must be kept clean and dry at all times. The space between the straps on some duffle bags makes them vulnerable to dust which would attract insects such as spiders, mites, and other unwanted pests.

Duffle bags are pretty popular among military personnel. The pack is roomy enough for clothing changes and personal hygiene items. If you’re bringing a weapon with you, such as a rifle, storage space is ample. A padded back section prevents the bag from rubbing against your skin or hair during long walks or runs. Soldiers can easily carry all their equipment with them without the hassle of backpacks or heavy gear. You can also use a duffle bag to carry your night gear tuck in for extra protection.

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Remember, prevention is the best cure for theft. Don’t bring anything unnecessary or valuable with you where you are going, and keep your bag out of sight. Use secure locks and if you suspect thieves might be watching you, ask someone to watch your bag while you’re gone. When you get to your destination, check the contents of your bag before unpacking and make sure everything is still there before storing it away in a locker or closet.