If you are going for a more extended trip, getting a bigger duffel bag is better. If you are going for a shorter trip, it is better to find a smaller bag to save space and weight. This will allow you to keep your belongings in a more organized fashion. In this article, we will discuss some steps for choosing the best bag and different sizes. After considering the steps, it will help you know if you should go with a bigger duffel bag or a smaller one. 

Steps to Select the Best Bag

Now Let’s See the Different Types of Duffel Bags Sizes Below

The commonly used type of duffel bag is 40l. That is because most people use it as a carry-on bag. However, some duffel bags can hold more than 40L. Here are the recommended sizes:


A medium-sized bag with plenty of space to store all your clothing during a trip. So if you use a regular suitcase, you can quickly bring one 100L duffel bag with you on a plane or train, even if it’s only 10kg. You can fit more clothes if you have less weight on your bag.


large duffle bags are trendy, especially for families with kids, since they can hold many clothing items.150L duffle bags are suitable for 35 kgs. If you have the heavy weight of your bag, then you can choose 70L instead of 150L.


This is the largest duffle bag that you should consider if you travel long distances for many days. 170L is a big duffel bag with enough capacity to store your clothes even during long trips abroad. This duffel bag has more space since it utilizes fewer materials in its making due to its size and thickness. For those who are going to go outdoors for a week, this is the best duffel bag. It can carry up to 70kg, which means you can fill it with heavy items. This duffle bag is very spacious and also waterproof and odor resistant. It has two large compartments that will fit your clothes and other belongings perfectly.


Choose this duffel bag if you are carrying a lot of clothes and other things.

200L, 250L 

These big duffel bags will fit almost everything you need, but they are cumbersome and require enormous space in the luggage compartment (if you don’t choose carry-on luggage). They are perfect for those who will need to travel long-term outside or those who want to keep their items as secure as possible, even during long trips.


If you need a big duffle bag for storing your food and drinks, this is the best choice. If you choose a medium-sized duffel bag, then you should look at what is called the “carry-on luggage” that we call “petite.” The petite size of our duffel bags is not just slim and has just enough space to hold all the provisions you’ll need during your travel or camping trip.


In conclusion, when selecting a duffel bag size, keep in mind that you should choose a duffel bag appropriate for the duration of your trip. If you are going on a short trip for a week, use a medium-sized duffel bag to store all your clothing items. For long trips abroad or camping, use a large or extra-large duffle bag because they have enough space for storing clothing items; and also, these bags are waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about ruining your belongings during the trip due to rain. It is recommended that you buy from online stores since they provide more options for styles and sizes.