When you need to fix a zipper on a duffel bag, consider whether it will be easier and less expensive to replace the zipper than to repair it. If you buy a new duffel bag, keep the old one as well for those times when you’re only going away for the weekend and don’t want to lug your duffle around. Be careful when locking and unlocking your zipper because if the teeth get bent out of shape, locking and unlocking them will be more difficult. If you can’t fix it yourself or don’t feel comfortable doing so, take it to a specialty zipper repair store.

You’ll want to close and lock your bag before you put it in a bag at the airport and lock and unlock it once you’ve boarded the plane so no one can steal your belongings. You can also use a bike horn or any other loud noise or motion to warn people of an open zipper if you’re nervous about someone picking up your belongings.

How to Repair a Zipper With Missing Bottom Teeth?

You can tell right away if a zipper is going to be hard to repair because if the bottom of the slider is missing teeth, it’ll be a lot more difficult to close and open. Think of a zipper as a big fat giant rubber band. If someone stretched the bottom of the band over an open space, it would probably snap.
To fix this common problem with zippers, you’ll need two things: A few inches of fabric from an old store-bought item (such as a pillowcase) and some thread from your local craft or fabric store. You’ll also need a pair of needle-nose pliers and something that will fit into the teeth of the zipper, such as a piece of flat plastic.

Attach the fabric to one side of the zipper. The ends should be long enough to make a loop large enough to slide over your tool.

Thread the other end onto your tool and push it through the teeth of the zipper.
Next, thread one end of a length of thread through your pliers, and then you can move it down into the space between two teeth. Make sure that both ends are lined up correctly, or else they won’t go through easily.

Gently snip both ends off with your scissors and pull them out so they’ll lay flat against each other and look normal once you sew them together.

To keep the fabric from slipping out while you sew, you can pin it in place while you sew.
Some people have a hard time sliding the tool down the zipper without getting it caught between two teeth. In that case, just take a few steps back and start at a different area of the zipper. The bottom teeth are usually spaced far enough apart to make it easy to slide your tool in and out of them.

How to Repair a Zipper With Bent Zipper Slider?

The problem with this zipper repair is that the slider will be bent over when you try to close and lock it. The slider is what you pull on to zipping and unzip a zipper, so if it’s bent over, it’ll be difficult to use. Over time the zipper will get worse and more bent out of shape.

To fix a bent slider, you’ll need something hard and flat that will fit inside the teeth of the slider. This could be a screwdriver or a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Once you have something that fits into the teeth of your zipper, start at one end and gently push the tool into each tooth until you reach the end. Don’t force it, or else you might break off a piece of metal from your tool. What you want to do is gently straighten one tooth at a time.
Once you get to the end, try pulling on the slider again. If it’s still bent over, repeat this step with another tooth until it becomes easier to pull on. It will probably take a lot of patience and a few tries before you can get the slider to open and close easily again.

How to Fix a Zipper That Won’t Zip?

There are many reasons why a zipper won’t zip down or up properly. Often the sliders are bent out of shape, so you’ll need to straighten them before you can fix the problem. If the slider is bent or broken, it might be time to replace it. If you do this repair at home, always use safety gloves in case of the slider snaps back unexpectedly.

How to Close a Zipper With a Broken Slider?

The first thing you want to do is make sure that the zipper is in good condition before replacing anything. Run your fingers or a pair of tweezers up and down your zipper gently. The teeth should move freely without getting stuck anywhere. The reason the slider is stuck could be because it’s bent over or because someone has used pliers or something else to try and force it open.
If the teeth are stuck, take a flat surface that’s not sharp, such as a piece of plastic. Run the zipper across it gently so you’ll bend the slider back into shape. Be careful not to break anything! If you have to, run your tool up and down the zipper again until it lines up correctly. You’ll have to hold your tool in place while you do this, so use something that won’t fall out easily, like a screwdriver.

How to Fix a Zipper With a Bent Slider?

If the slider is still bent over, you can usually fix it with some pliers and some gentle tugging. You’ll need to make sure that your tool will fit into the teeth of your zipper. It might take a few tries before you snap the slider back into place. If you break off any teeth or bend something else, run your fingers lightly down the teeth and see if there are any rough edges or broken pieces. If there are, go back to fixing the slider first, and then you can touch up those areas later.

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The process of repairing a zipper with a missing bottom tooth is easy, but you’ll have to be patient and gentle. If your slider is bent over, you need to straighten it out before you can keep going. It doesn’t take a lot of repairs to make the zipper unusable. Once you get the zipper back in working order, it will be useful for many more years. You can replace a broken zipper with one from your local fabric store or use an online retailer that ships worldwide. Most zippers are made of plastic teeth coated with metal, so if any of these parts break off, they’ll need replacing as well as the entire slider. Make sure the replacement zipper is an exact match for your original. If the zipper is made of metal, you may need to replace the slider as well.